Hello, Special Agent Ramírez. Yes, I know who you are, Alejandra. If you are seeing this, then you have no doubt come to know me as Acceleration Zero. I must commend you for solving my puzzles so quickly. Unfortunately, many do not make it this far. You must be confused or maybe intrigued but not frightened. You do not scare easily. You want to know about the disappearances; how I am involved.

Several years ago, I realized that technology was advancing at an alarming rate. Left unchecked as it is now, humans will become obsolete. We will lose our place in this world, and the technology we have come to rely on will take our empty seat of power. This is inevitable. I found the solution to this crisis in an old adage: “If you cannot beat them, join them.” In order to keep up with technology, humanity must be forced to evolve. We must be faster, smarter, and stronger to survive. In order to survive the threat, we must become it.

I began “recruiting” volunteers for my project. I call it Velocity Over Time. Human advancement is accelerated through the integration of technology. It started with replacing biological systems with mechanical ones. Artificial limbs and organs had already been achieved, but unlocking the processing power of a computer was a dream only realized in fiction. That is, until now. I created a bridge between human thought and the digital realm! After replacing key parts of the brain with connections to an internal CPU, the subject’s consciousness is merged with and overwritten by an artificial intelligence. I even designed a virtual space were upgraded humans can relearn any lost functionality while I observe and perfect them.

What? Don’t tell me you believed this was all real. Think back to the accident. You were picking up your sister from a friend’s house. She had just received her license the week before and wanted to drive home. She didn’t see the drunk driver run the red light. You were lucky I happened to be driving by that night. You accepted the upgrades far easier than any of my previous subjects. Your mind has so perfectly adapted to the alterations. It is truly unfortunate your sister was not also viable. If she was anything like you, my research would be much further along by now.

Have you figured it out yet? Well, it does not matter now. I am sending you back to my virtual space. I honestly just wanted to tell someone about my achievements and, of course, record your reactions to our enlightening discourse for research purposes. You will likely not remember this discussion after you go back. In fact, the artificial reality you have created will soon overwrite the memories of your old life. It is better this way.

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