After closing the strange webpage, you hear your phone buzz on your desk. You open up the notification to see a text from your sister.

You are about to text back something snarky when Detective Johnson knocks on your open office door.

“Hey, nice work on the Sanders case.” He says.

“Uh, thanks?” You reply confused. I really didn’t make much headway on it.”

“I would say that finding a missing person and catching the kidnapper is more than enough headway.”

“Oh, right. Sorry, I’m really tired right now.”

No worries. You should get some rest.”

Johnson turns to leave, but you stop him.

“Hey, Johnson, have you ever heard of Acceleration Zero?”

“Hmm…no, can’t say that I have. Is that a new drug or something?”

“No, nothing like that. It’s the name of a musical artist my sister likes.”

“Oh, okay. Well, have a good night, Ramírez.”

“You too Johnson.”

You bring a hand to your forehead as Johnson leaves. Your head is pounding, and your fingertips brush up against something cold and smooth. Before you can even process what you are touching, the pain disappears. You forget what you were doing, but you were concerned about something. You hear your phone vibrate on the desk and see a text from Angelica.

“Oh right, the jacket,” you say to yourself. “That must have been it.”

You pick up your coat and purse then lock up your office for the night. As you walk to your car, you whistle a catchy song, but you can’t remember where you heard it.